Everything I Needed to Know . . .

Justin here. Everything I needed to know about fighting a recession, I learned from Tate Street Coffee House. I took this picture the other day while drinking my regular coffee (w/ half and half, spenda, and a packet of raw sugar); it says it all:

Innovate – See the bar there? TSCH is offering wine and beer now. Not just Keystone Light either, but an organic brew made from hops grown by owners Matt and Anne. Brilliant.

Do it Yourself – See that guy painting the ceiling during business hours? That’s Matt, the owner. He does a bit here, a bit there. Never closes down business, never pays painters. And it gives the customers something to talk about and check in on. Two Birds/One Stone.

Know Your Customers – Again with Matt . . . he, Anne, and the other employees seem to know everyone by name and they ask about their interests and genuinely want to know their customers. I’ve rarely seen it done better.

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