Is It Different This Time?

Justin here. The late Sir John Templeton (pictured here, right, 30 years ago with Jonathan) is known for saying that the four most expensive words in the investing language are “this time it’s different.”

[Jonathan was fortunate enough to work for Sir John. You can read more about their relationship in our last commentary, here]

Earlier this week, I came across a presentation by Weston Wellington with Dimensional Fund Advisors, called “Is It Different This Time?” He reviews our nation’s past and, in particular, the media’s reaction during those time. He does a great job of bringing some perspective to a volatile time.

So what’s in it for you? It is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure 20 points for every viewing.

It’s well worth your next 15 minutes (or if you’re really pressed, skip ahead to the “TIME 1970” slide and watch from there.)

The long and short is this:  Life is rarely as bad (or as good) as it seems. Try your best to be patient, calm and rational.

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