Predictably Irrational Group on LinkedIn

I’ve been fascinated with LinkedIn since April, when an Internet search  for my friend Mark Tosczak directed my web browser to his public profile on LinkedIn.  (LinkedIn’s reference to Mark appeared first in Google’s search results page
In July, after learning Linkedin had a dozen or so members (out of more than 20 million members) with keywords “Dan Ariely” or “Predictable Irrational“, I launched the Predictably Irrational group on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn recently enhanced Group functionality by providing our own page for group discussions, etc. Still in its infancy, I anticipate our discussions will generate unusual and stimulating insights.  If you’re interested in knowing more, click here.
Our group is diverse; vocationally, we represent, among other things:
Consultant in the U.K.

Quantitative analyst with Bank of America
Consultant with United Airlines
Director of Product Development with LinkedIn
Retired CMDR U.S. Navy
Another quant with Bank of America
Sales effectiveness coach in Paris
Resident at the Center for Future Banking
Professor with Duke University, the author
Scientist at LinkedIn
Health and Disability Speaker
Director of Security and Special Ops
Software Architect with Bluestreak
Principal Product Manager with eBay
Senior Training Specialist for USDA
Lead Business Analyst with Ocwen


About Jonathan Smith

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