Googlegängers: Same Kind of Different as Me

Googlegängers (the American Dialect Society’s “most creative” word last year) is person who shows up when you google yourself.

The Times ran a story yesterday about people discovering multiple digital versions of themselves – Google twin Angela Shelton, a writer, published a book this month, wherin she describes her “meetings” with 40 other persons, all sharing same name. Thanks, I think I’d rather watch Multiplicity a hundred times than spend an hour Googling my namesake.

Why this infatuation with others who share the same name as you? Social scientists say humans are unconsciously (but nevertheless) drawn to people (and things) that remind us of ourselves. So think about that next time you see a grey headed portly man out walking his plump, shaggy, terrier. Oh, and the Same Kind of Different as Me? Turns out there’s a great book by the same name. Turns out I’m reading it. How’s that for a coincidence?
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